Why must you choose an apple watch over other smart watches ?

The modern smart watch today is more intelligent than any other tech gadget. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used to make and receive calls, play music, check email, and receive weather alerts. This is made even more impressive by the software’s ability to be “hacked” by app developers. One wonders the potential of such a cutting-edge technological tool in today’s modern era.

Technology has advanced quickly in the twenty-first century. While the public gains from their competition, businesses compete annually to be the leading innovator in this industry. The Apple Watch is one of Apple Inc.’s exciting and cutting-edge inventions. This device is a smartwatch with messaging and fitness tracking features that syncs with your iPhone easily. The Apple Watch is often referred to as a pricey accessory. And while one won’t completely deny that, it is also true that it is totally worthwhile to buy an apple watch from an affordable retail store like the 73 inc in New Zealand. Given below are some of the amazing benefits that a user might experience if choosing an apple smart watch over others:

Keeps one connected:

We all like to stay current, unless we’re going through a virtual, social, or communicative detox. Additionally, Apple Watch allows you to stay connected without having to constantly carry around a phone. It’s definitely not suggested that you place your phone inside a cabinet and go on vacation. You won’t miss anything crucial if you lock it in a locker at a gym or club and carry on with your activities. And it’s not just work, either. You can get directions, listen to music, webcasts, or audiobooks, track your activities, and make or accept calls or texts using Apple Watch. Know the latest collection of apple smart watch prices today by visiting 73 inc s online store in New Zealand.

  • Exercise tracking:

Staying on schedule with your activity and workout routine is simple with Apple Watch.  The fact that the Apple Watch will alert you when you begin a workout is fantastic. If you want to use the Workout app to track this workout, the watch will ask you.  Consequently, whether you enjoy cycling, yoga, or running. You can get real-time stats and information about your performance from the Apple Watch.

  • Best in design:

Apple Inc. is renowned for being a technologically and product-design-forward business. Therefore, it should not be a shock that Apple watches have an extremely stylish design that will go with any event you attend. The straps can be interchanged and come in a huge range of hues and patterns. One can choose between a sportier appearance and a more elegant business appearance. Know the latest features of apple smart watch only at 73 inc, the best apple online store in New Zealand.

  • Water resistance:

If Apple hadn’t made the Apple Watch waterproof, wearing one and shielding it from splashes and spills of water might have been difficult. Liquid and water resistance are features of the Watch Series 1 while water resistance is a feature of later models.

You can swim in your pool with your watch on without worrying about it getting damaged. In all shallow-water activities, it can withstand water. On the other hand, if you buy an apple watch it is not advised to engage in other exercises like scuba, water skiing, etc.

  • Privacy secured:

Every product, function, and service that Apple introduces places privacy at the forefront, and the Apple Watch is no exception. Everything is designed with the user’s privacy in mind, whether it be app privacy labels, screen lock passwords, alert privacy, or clarity regarding the data shared via Activity Information exchange or Health Sharing. You can rely on Apple or read the in-depth article on the security features of the Apple Watch.

  • Fall detector:

This is a wonderful smart feature for a person who is vulnerable to serious falls. In essence, your watch will call your assigned contact if you suddenly fall while wearing it so you can alert them. The Apple Watch would then notify the police and submit your location if they are not able to contact you. It is also possible to disable this feature. In case you are concerned about accidentally setting it off. Visit 73 inc, the most affordable iphone store with all other apple products in New Zealand to get the latest discount in smart watches this new year.

  • Maps and compass:

Your Apple Watch can access maps, making it a useful tool for navigating cities and foreign locations. It can direct you to your desired location. Additionally, you can listen to the directions with your AirPods, but the watch would also vibrate if the directions change. Get the latest range to best buy apple airpods only at 73 inc for best deals this winter season. Since your Apple Watch has a built-in compass, it is a very useful tool when hiking. so that you can determine which way you are moving.


The development of the smartwatch is evidence of how far society has come in terms of technology. The compact but practical technological device is spreading throughout society. These diminutive devices can function almost just like a smart phone while being less bulky thanks to their variety of features and capabilities.

Apple watches are nothing short of a technological marvel. Apple has made a true masterpiece out of something as basic as a watch by fusing its functionality with the elegance of modern smartwatches. With its extensive use in tracking health and fitness as well as its cellular functionality, there is no doubt that Apple Watches will play a significant role in our future.

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