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All our pre-owned iPhone XS Max devices are inspected and wiped free of software to ensure new-like quality. All included parts and accessories are either original or suitable replacements. What’s more, we back your purchase with our 3-month repair as well as the 6-month warranty on ex-display machines after 2017. Ex-display machines 2016 or old carry a 3-month warranty.

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Buy Refurbished & Pre-Owned iPhone XS Max in New Zealand.

With a big screen, breakthrough dual camera, and the smartest A12 Bionic chip, iPhone XS Max has everything you love about iPhones. Plus, its secure and faster Face ID system, water resistance, and wireless charging capabilities make it a perfect smartphone for anyone on the move.

Custom-built OLED panels in this iPhone allow for an HDR display with remarkable colour accuracy, brightness, and contrast. The most durable glass fitted with surgical-grade stainless steel water-resistant enclosure can resist spills from soda, coffee, tea, and more.
It's available in different colours – gold, space gray, etc. So, you’ve got several options to choose from.

If you want to experience the incredible performance of the iPhone XS Max for an affordable price, browse our selection now. You’ll save a lot compared to a brand-new iPhone XS Max while still enjoying the same performance level.


Why is the iPhone XS Max expensive?

Because it replaces many of your gadgets, like your digital camera, music player, etc., you don't need to carry these devices separately. Your iPhone XS Max will do it all for you. 73 Inc brings you a refurbished iPhone XS Max with all these capabilities at a fraction of the original cost.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone XS Max?

Refurbished iPhone XS Max devices come with warranties, have undergone strict quality checks, and include essential accessories. These devices make a highly affordable option for those who want to buy an iPhone XS Max but have a limited budget.

Do refurbished iPhone XS Max devices get software updates?

Yes, Apple provides software updates for all compatible devices, including refurbished iPhone XS Max devices. So you can enjoy the latest iOS updates and features on your smartphone.

What accessories come with a refurbished iPhone XS Max?

Pre-owned, refurbished iPhone XS Max devices usually come with essential accessories, including a wall adapter and charging cable. Make sure you read the product description to see all included accessories.