What New Apple Products May Release in 2024 (Predictions & Announcements)

Are you eagerly waiting for Apple’s annual product launches? It seems that 2024 promises to be an exciting year for Apple lovers. There are several intriguing rumors and speculations circulating about potential Apple product releases in the coming 2024 year.
In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most prominent rumors surrounding Apple’s product lineup for 2024.

1. Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra (S10 Chip)

In September 2024, Apple is expected to unveil the Apple Watch Series 10, featuring the highly-anticipated S10 chip. 

Additionally, there are rumors of a third-generation Apple Watch Ultra with similar chip enhancements. These upgrades will surely bring even more functionality and performance to your wrist. This will surely insist you to choose an Apple Watch over other smart watches

With the S10 chip at the core of these new models, users can anticipate a seamless experience across various applications. 

The combination of innovative hardware and software advancements is set to elevate the smartwatch experience to new heights. These upcoming releases are highly anticipated among Apple lovers.

2. HomePod with Screen

In the context of potential new Apple products that may be released in 2024, one intriguing possibility is the concept of a Homepod with a screen. Apple might be working on revolutionizing the smart speaker experience with HomePod with a screen. 

This innovative device envisions a smart speaker that goes beyond audio capabilities by incorporating a visual display. A screen could expand the HomePod’s capabilities from audio to visual, allowing users to watch podcasts, news reports, and YouTube videos and engage in FaceTime calls. 

This potential innovation could redefine the way we interact with smart speakers. However, Apple is known for its commitment to innovation and exploration of new product ideas. Therefore, it’s within the realm of possibility that Apple could introduce a Homepod with a screen in 2024. 

3. Gaming Console or Enhanced Apple TV

Speculation is rife that Apple could enter the gaming console market or enhance its Apple TV with improved gaming capabilities. 

If true, this move could reshape the gaming industry and offer a unique gaming experience for Apple fans.

4. iPad Mini 7

A new iPad mini is reportedly being developed and could launch in late 2023 or early 2024. 

Apple consistently pushes the boundaries of tablet technology, and this new iPad mini is expected to be no exception. It will offer exciting features and improvements.

5. Foldable iPhone

Apple is said to be in the works on a foldable iPhone, a device that could transform the smartphone landscape. 

With a display size ranging from 7.5 to 8 inches, this foldable iPhone might make its debut as early as 2023.

Thus, affordable iPhones will mark a significant shift in a new era of mobile technology.

6. Rolling iPhone

A recent patent from Apple outlines “electronic devices with rollable displays” that can transition between a flat, unrolled state and a rolled state for compact storage.

However, it’s crucial to remember that filing a patent doesn’t necessarily mean Apple intends to implement the technology. Apple typically enters the market once the technology is mature. 

Currently, no commercially available rollable phones exist, and Apple tends to be a late entrant when the technology is well-developed. So, while it’s a fascinating rumor, its inclusion in Apple’s 2024 product lineup remains uncertain.

7. iPad Pro 2024

Apple’s iPad Pro lineup typically sees a refresh every 1-2 years. Bloomberg’s Mark suggests that the current iPad Pro lineup will likely arrive in the spring or early summer of 2024. It brings with it the latest innovations and improvements.

The 2024 iPad Pro is likely to use a new M3 chip, which usually debuts in MacBook models first and then in iPads. So, we can expect the M3 iPad Pro in early 2024. It will also run the latest iPadOS, currently iPadOS 17 from WWDC 2023. 

8. Apple Car (iCar)

The long-standing rumor of an “Apple Car” continues to circulate. While the form it might take, be it a physical car or automotive software, remains uncertain. Apple has dedicated teams working on this project. 

Maybe 2024 will be the year we finally get a glimpse of Apple’s automotive ambitions.

A Final Verdict 

While these rumors and speculations provide tantalizing glimpses into Apple’s potential releases in 2024, it is essential to remember that Apple keeps its plans closely secured until official announcements. 

This suggests that Apple might be working on innovative ideas that nobody has considered. Judging by the company’s size, it’s highly likely they have numerous concepts for future smart devices in development, with the potential to revolutionize the technological industry.

Apple is known for its deliberate approach to innovation, a key factor in its industry leadership. It would be unwise to underestimate Apple, which holds the upper hand in many aspects.

Stay tuned for official announcements from Apple and affordable iPhone store as we approach the exciting tech year of 2024. 

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