Guide to Choosing the Right Apple Watch Band for Your Style

The Apple Watch is a well-liked and in-vogue wearable that features replaceable bands that may be tailored to your individual taste. Given the variety of bands on the market, choose the best one for your Apple Watch might be difficult. The different elements you should take into account while selecting the ideal Apple Watch band that complements your style and personality are covered in this article. Keep reading to know more about this same. 

  1. Consider your lifestyle and activity level

Your lifestyle and level of exercise are the first things to take into account when selecting an Apple Watch band. A sport band or nylon band would be great if you live an active lifestyle and participate in sports and fitness activities because they are light and sweat-resistant. On the other hand, a leather band or a stainless steel band would be more acceptable if you have a more formal and elegant style.

2. Choose the right size

The size of the band is the next aspect to take into account when choosing an Apple Watch band. There are two sizes of Apple Watch bands: 38mm and 42mm. To ensure a snug fit, make sure the band you choose fits your Apple Watch’s case size exactly. On the rear of your Apple Watch or in the Watch app on your iPhone, you can check the case size.

3. Decide on the material

Apple Watch bands are available in a variety of materials, including leather, silicone, nylon, and stainless steel. The material you select will rely on your personal preferences and style. While silicone bands are more laid-back and athletic, leather bands are more formal and classy. Nylon bands are thin and airy, while stainless steel bands are strong and stylish.

4. Choose the colour and pattern

The colour and pattern of the Apple Watch band should be taken into account next. Your choice of colour should go well with both your own style and the colour of your Apple Watch’s casing. Black, brown, and white are neutral colours that go with most ensembles and are adaptable. Instead, if you want to draw attention, use a band with a pattern or a strong, vivid colour.

5. Consider the cost

It’s crucial to take price into account when selecting the best Apple Watch band for your taste. Price varies across Apple Watch bands, with some being more costly than others. The material, size, and brand of a band, for example, may all affect how much it costs.

Refurbished bands are one choice to take into account when shopping for an inexpensive Apple Watch band. Refurbished Apple Watch bands provide excellent value without compromising on style. These bands are frequently offered at a bargain since they have been restored to like-new condition.

The fact that not all reconditioned bands are made equally must be noted. To be sure that the band has been thoroughly reconditioned and inspected, it is crucial to buy from a reliable supplier. Here’s where 73inc can be of assistance. They provide an extensive selection of refurbished Apple items at very competitive prices, including refurbished Apple Watch bands, refurbished iPhones, refurbished MacBooks, and much more.


The proper Apple Watch band is a crucial component of customising your gadget to suit your taste and personality. You may choose the ideal band that meets your demands and budget by taking into account your lifestyle, band size, material, colour, and cost. You can find Apple Products in NZ including reconditioned Apple Watch bands, iPhones, and other Apple devices easily in apple store Auckland but you can also try at, where you can also explore a variety of Apple Watch bands.

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